André Mager
Mobile +49 (0)170 - 3 81 01 78
Phone +49 (0)221 - 54 81 65 65
Gerhard-vom-Rath-Str. 55
D-50968 Köln


  • Producing Voice-Recordings for Corporate Image films, TV / Radio Spots, Computer Games, TV programming, Websites, Text-to-Speech - or simply: everything you could possibly imagine a voice being used for.

Post-Production / MIX

  • Adapting and editing your production from the Audio cut via post-production all the way to the finished MIXed / Master
  • Restauration of Audio Material
  • Editing, Mixing und Mastering of your music productions.

Sound Design

  • The creation of Sound-Logos, Station Design und On-Air Promotion, Creating the right sound for Film and TV Features, as well as action-packed Computer Games.

Musik Production

  • The creation of jingles, moderation beds, music for Film, TV, Radio & Websites

ProTools Operating

  • Swift and efficient operator of ProTools Systems Software