André Mager
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Gerhard-vom-Rath-Str. 55
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About Me

32 Years of Sound Experience – a Retrospective

After a surprising smack on the rump and a positive but rather primal resounding "Aaaah" there was sharp criticism – the sound acoustics in the delivery room were completely unsatisfactory and unacceptable. My highly precise sense of hearing was immediately evident: a need for action was called for – the sound has just got be better, much better! The late-adolescent professionalisation process brought noise-numbing egg cartons and Atari:
So, what began as a hobby mission soon transformed into a full-fledged profession!


Name: André Mager
My Hobbies: Recording, Postproduction, Mix, Sound Design,
Station Design, Music Composition
My Friends: Apple, Creamware, Digidesign, EMU, Focusrite, FXpansion, Genelec, Korg, MusicLab, NativeInstruments, Neumann, Propellerheads, RTW, Sonnox, Spectrasonics, SPL, SSL, Steinberg, TCElectronic, TLAudio, Waves, Yamaha…
Favorite Color: Tone color
Favorite Food: Cable Spaghetti
Favorite Pet: Mighty Mouse
Favorite Location: Studio